Invisalign is a Better Teeth Alignment Option

A perfectly aligned set of teeth can massively boost your confidence and help you have a great smile. If your smile has been stolen by crooked, overly crowded or misaligned teeth, there are treatments to correct these challenges. Teens with an overbite or underbite can be helped too. Traditional braces and Invisalign can help to correct crooked teeth. However, Invisalign is a more flexible and convenient option. Read on to discover which of the two is better for you.

Is Invisalign as Effective as Traditional Braces?

Braces are so popular that they are even used for fashion. Many people that are trying to address the challenge of teeth misalignment simply get braces. The Invisalign Braces is a better option for straightening your teeth. It can fix various degrees of dental cosmetic problems including overly crowded and crooked teeth. Invisalign is a more preferred option for adults especially.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign does more than move physical teeth into place. It involves applying pressure to affected teeth to align overbite or underbite, a method which can also align your bite. Overcrowded teeth are corrected by wearing expanders.
A dentist will first make a mold for your teeth using a dental tray. Then a clear fitting will be customized for your teeth. This clear fitting gradually shifts your teeth into correct position overtime while you are wearing it.
As your teeth shifts into alignment, new molds are fitted to your teeth. Then you will regularly visit your dentist to replace the Invisalign trays until you reach your desired alignment. Depending on the severity of misalignment, you may have to visit your dentist every month during treatment.
Invisalign uses attachments that look like small bumps. They help the aligners to grip your teeth properly and support efficient teeth movement during treatment. Sometimes, attachments are combined with or replaced with buttons. An elastic secures to them in place. But you may not need to wear an attachment for your treatment.

What to Expect From Invisalign

Mild teeth alignment issues take a few months to resolve. Severe cases may take around one to two years for complete resolution. Hence, it is better to use a convenient option like Invisalign.
Instead of needing to wear noticeable metal aligners in your teeth for the duration of the treatment, your teeth look completely natural while wearing Invisalign. That’s because the treatment makes use of tooth-colored resin attachments that are almost not noticeable. Not everyone should know that fixing a dental issue.
You can take out an Invisalign attachment whenever you want. If you’re not comfortable with wearing it during contact sports or other rigorous activities or in bed, you can always take it out. But be sure to ask your dentist the effect of frequently removing it on your alignment goal.
At first, you may not be comfortable speaking with the attachments in your teeth. This feeling wears away once you’re used to wearing them. Aligners are safe to wear during meals. But ensure that you clean them once you are done.
At Hedgewood House Dental, we are confident in our ability to completely transform your smile using the very easy and convenient Invisalign aligners. For more information on the best option for you and other available treatments, visit our website.