The Advantages of Getting Dental Implants

Your permanent set of teeth should last you over your lifetime. However, this is not always the case due to a number of reasons. Not all people attend their routine dental visits regularly and that negatively affects oral health. Possible reasons provided for postponing the routine visits are cost and inconvenience. Some people with tooth sensitivity choose to live with the pain rather than make dental visits. Canceling dental appointments will often result in complications and high treatment costs in the long run. Considering that permanent teeth do not grow back after they are lost, you should regularly go for routine dental appointments. According to Dr. David Craig & Associates, early diagnosis of dental health problems and appropriate treatment will help preserve your permanent teeth. In the unfortunate scenario that permanent teeth are lost, dental implants are the best option in the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants have numerous benefits once they are placed in the mouth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

An evaluation must be carried out before your dentist recommends dental implants. Not all categories of people qualify to get dental implants inserted in the sites of missing teeth. People with a significant bone loss on the jaw and people with diabetes are unbefitting for dental implant surgery. The dental implant is composed of two parts; a titanium screw implanted into the jaw bone and a crown that placed on the titanium screw. The titanium screw will gradually fuse to the jaw bone allowing the dental implant to function like natural teeth. In people with diabetes, the fusion with the bone might not occur properly and result in infection in the surrounding bone.

Some of the benefits of dental implants include
  • Healthy and complete smile: Following the insertion of dental implants, you can smile with confidence and prop up your self-esteem. You will no longer have to worry about the gaps in your mouth and the missing teeth. The dental implants look just like natural teeth.
  • Improvement of speech: In the case that the front teeth were missing, getting dental implants will prevent challenges with speech. Teeth have an important role to play in speech. People missing from teeth may have a lisp when they talk.
  • Comfortable and Worry-Free: Dental implants are more comfortable compared to dentures. Dentures are removable and carry the risk that they may fall out when eating, smiling and when talking. People with dentures will always worry that they may pop out right from the time they are inserted.
  • A function like Natural Teeth: Once the dental implants are completely healed, you can always eat the foods that you enjoy with lots of ease. Simply no restrictions on the types of foods to include in your diet and consequently better overall bodily health.

Dental implants are your best choice in the replacement of missing teeth in Kingston. Even though the implants are considerably expensive, consult Dr. David Craig & Associates in Kingston to learn about their dental plans. Dental plans are affordable since they are discounted and payments are staggered over a period of time. Get your dental implants and enjoy a healthy, strong and confident smile.